Why Hulsebos?

A very important feature of Hulsebos Saddles saddle fittings is the individual evaluation of both horse and rider and the tailored advice we offer. Both are evaluated while working in their current saddle and in a specific selection of Hulsebos models to demonstrate the amazing differences the right saddle can make in the balance of the rider and the balance and thoroughness of the horse. Hulsebos seeks to evaluate how each rider interacts with the horse and to guide their choice of model, knee roll and other features. Because humans and horses can develop wrong riding techniques and bad habits from riding in the wrong saddle, we will guide you on how to use your Hulsebos Saddle to overcome/change your old bad habits; we call this our “Users-Manual”.

Hulsebos Saddles are available to be purchased from stock or made-to-measure. Our made-to-measure saddles are produced to your specifications and delivered personally by our staff to ensure that the customer and the horse are totally happy with the finished product and its results. When you purchase your saddle from Hulsebos, our staff will advise you how to use your Hulsebos Saddle correctly to achieve the best results.

Currently, much is said about the length of the saddle and the 18th rib; the length of the saddle does not matter as long as the saddle is in BALANCE and the rider sits in BALANCE. It is popular to make people believe that their saddle needs to be flocked every few weeks. This is not necessary; saddles normally should need to be refitted twice per year. Although somewhat fashionable, exposed knee rolls and mono-flaps do not give a better leg connection nor do they benefit the rider or the horse; quite the contrary.

Every day we meet people who have been told by a local saddle person that their horse is difficult to fit for a saddle. At Hulsebos Saddles, we have the knowledge and the skills to easily find or make the right saddle for you and your horse. Very few horses are truly difficult to fit for a saddle when the saddle fitter has enough knowledge!

We also meet too many people who have, unfortunately, had a terrible experience with a saddle person who did not have the knowledge necessary to guide the client through the saddle selection process and the client ends up spending a fortune on the wrong saddle and having no after the sales support. At Hulsebos Saddles our expertly trained staff will guide you through the process and can explain how each off our models work for your situation. With our expert advice and guidance and superior after the sale support and service, you can forget your worries and focus on enjoying your horse and achieving your goals.