The Balance + is used for sport horses who are already developed through the topline and baroque style horses. It invites the rider to wrap the leg around the barrel of the horse and use the inside calf to lift the horse while allowing the rider to keep the knee soft and supple. This saddle helps the rider to sit very deeply and very connected with the seat bones. The Balance + is rarely used for young horses or those not yet very confirmed through the back.


Similarities between all of our different models is that each saddle allows the rider to feel their seat bones and it invites the rider to lengthen the leg and have pressure on the ball of the foot in the stirrup.

Options include:

  • Saddle is available in brown or black leather, or a combination of both
  • Different Leather choices; for example, calf, buffalo or schrumpf leather
  • Different types of knee rolls available
  • Standard or pre-formed knee pad
  • The back of the cantle is available in smooth, patent, buffalo or stingray leather
  • The welt line and facing is available in many color choices as well as patent leather.
  • Can be purchased from available stock or made-to-measure