Factors such as age, training, season, injury, illness, etc. contribute to our horse regularly changing in shape; therefore, it is necessary to have your saddle fit checked regularly. Two times per year is recommended.

Our team of saddle fit specialist are able to recognize potential problems and address them in advance to eliminate issues that could hinder your training. By having your saddle checked by team Hulsebos twice per year, you can leave any worries about your saddle fit behind and focus on enjoying your horse.

Caring for your saddle in between rides is very important to preserve the leather and prevent cracking and pre-mature aging of the saddle. Only the highest quality leather is used for our saddles. Quality leather is soft and needs regular care to remain supple and beautiful. We recommend using only Hulsebos Saddle leather conditioner for cleaning and conditioning your Hulsebos leather products. Please never use saddle soap, glycerin or oils.

After each ride, use a damp soft cloth to wipe away the sweat and dirt. A soft brush can be used for stubborn areas like the stitch lines and girth, but be careful not to scratch the softer parts of the leather. Next apply a thin layer of Hulsebos leather conditioner to all leather parts. Wait at least 10 minutes then remove any excess conditioner with a soft cloth. The frequency for using the conditioner is usually 2-4 times per week depending on the climate and conditions of use.

Hulsebos can do many repairs on sight. Repairs that cannot be made on sight can be done in our workshop.